Wussar Republican Party

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Grand Communist Party of The WUSSR
ChairmanKimbrell Ostrovsky
FoundedOctober 11th, 2012
HeadquartersCarollisgrad, WUSSR
Membership (2012)9
IdeologyRepublicanism, Centrism
Political positionCenter
People's National Assembly of the WUSSR
0 / 5

The Republican Party is a political party in the Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was founded as an opposition party, and supports change to the strictly Communistic landscape. The party's platform spans the spectrum, mostly staying near the centrist point of view.


The Republican Movement was officially founded on October 11, 2012, when Kimbrell Ostrovsky, mother of then-premier Sergei Ostrovsky, released a Wussar Republican manifesto to the people and government heads of the WUSSR. This manifesto led many citizens to join the movement, supporting a more open political atmosphere.

Soon on, the movement signed a deal with the Market Party in support of a coalition during the 2013 election season. This meant that a significant portion of the population had now created a large opposition to the strictly socialistic government of the WUSSR.

Party platform

The Republican Movement was founded upon the ideals of political freedom and Wussar nationalism. This means that the movement wishes for the inclusion of people from all points of the spectrum in Wussar politics without the "leftist stronghold." Also, they strive to push forth the ideals of "Iron-Will Democracy," the idea that people will have democracy without being forced to choose in a small spectrum or being given a false choice, and the common heritage, political activism and intellectualism of Wussar people. The party hopes to expand the national legislature to include a house based on population and the change of official symbols and names of the Union to fit a more "democratic" nation.

List of Party leaders

Photo Name Leadership Positions Residual Republic Gained Leadership Lost leadership Notable Facts
N/A Kimbrell Ostrovsky Head of the Republican Movement Carolina SSR October 11, 2012 N/A Leads Republican-Market Coalition

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