Linitian Workers' Party

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Linitische Arbeiterpartei (ger)
Līnjanðn Īðnpārtir (ltn)
حزب العمال لينين (ara)
Linitian Workers' Party (eng)
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Established 2 July 2014 (as the "Left Party")

Country Flaglinian.png People's Republic of Linian

Anthem Die Internationale (German version)

Ideology Individualized Juche, Maoism, Marxism-Leninism

Chairman of the Central Committee Maximilian Brunner

First Secretary of the Central Committee Michael Koestler

Party newspaper Linitische Befreiung (Linitian Liberation)

Colors Red, Yellow, Lightblue

Headquarters Nabú

The Linitian Workers' Party is the Vanguard Party of the People's Republic of Linian.


The Workers' Party of Linian has very good ties to the Marksovka Communist Party, as well as with the country itself.