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Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo
Αυτόνομη Σοσιαλιστική Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία του Μουζήλου


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de facto

Official language(s)Greek
Short nameWest Mouzilo
- Secretary General of the People's CouncilMarkos Apostolopoulos
LegislaturePeople's Council

West Mouzilo (Greek: Δυτικό Μουζήλο), officially the Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo (Greek: Αυτόνομη Σοσιαλιστική Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία του Μουζήλου) was a short-lived socialist council republic founded during the early days of the State of Mouzilo on the western part of its then borders.

Founded in the aftermath of the Mouzilo civil conflict on March 2013, the republic slowly fell into inactivity and was considered defunct by 2014. The Secretary General of the People's Council throughout the state's existence was Markos Apostolopoulos.


The end of the Civil Conflict in early 2013 found Communist forces frustrated, as their struggle bore no fruit. Unsatisfied with the monarchy in Mouzilo, the two Communist parties of Mouzilo, now illegal in the Empire, held discussions about their future course of action. Part of the discussions was the establishment of a new independent socialist state, a notion that quickly gained support among the ranks of the two parties. The two sides soon agreed on forming an autonomous socialist council republic. The declaration of independence was the first act of the newly formed state, followed by elections in which the Communist Party and the Soviet Communist Party formed the Communist Front coalition which gained 100% of the popular vote.

5 delegates were elected in the People's Council, who soon had to decide who the Secretary General would be. The subsequent election of the Council put Apostolopoulos in the position, who although legally considered the first among equals, he often was seen as the republic's sole leader.

Reaction from the Empire

West Mouzilo's establishment was met unfavourably by the Empire. The then-Emperor Emmanuel II called the socialist state "an attempt to distort [Mouzeliot] values, violate the state's sovereignity and cause a new conflict". Despite the harsh opposition to the new state, the Empire made no actions in order to suppress what was considered a rebellion in order to avoid another conflict, also believing that the republic would soon collapse.


The republic was offically described as a Marxist-Leninist multi party council republic. The most prominent institution was the People's Council (Greek: Λαϊκό Συμβούλιο), elected for a term of 6 months and de facto headed by the Secretary General, a position legally equal to the Secretaries (members of the People's Council). The Secretary General, as well as the ministers, dubbed "Responsibles" (as in "Secretary Responsible for the Economy", abreviated in English as "Sec.Re. for Economy"), had to be elected members of the Council and served for 6 months as well.

The Council as well as the government were dominated by the Communist Front, a coalition of the Communist Party of Mouzilo and the Soviet Communist Party. Starting with 5 members, the Council was composed of 3 members of the Communist Party and 2 of the Soviet Communist. The first and only Secretary General of the Council was Markos Apostolopoulos, General Secretary of the CP. The de facto deputy was the Sec.Re. for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Grand Soviet of the SCP, Stefanos Sarantis.

Opposition parties were allowed to be established and compete in the elections, but none such existed. The reason was that, according to the March 2013 elections, 100% of the voting base were either supporters of the CP or of the SCP. The state's short life also didn't give the chance to the formstion of an opposition. The ASPRM claims the fame that it was the sole completely communist state in history.


West Mouzilo claimed the western part of the Empire but directly controlled only a wooden treehouse and an abandoned stable, including the areas surrounding them. The wooden treeehouse was named Palace of the People and served as the head office of the CPM/MSCP coalition, whereas the stable served as the building of the People's Council. However in practice only the Palace of the People was used taking up the role of both the communist headquarters and the People's Council. From the People's Palace a flag of the Communist Party of Greece could be seen hanging, as it was de facto used as the republic's flag.

In February 2018 what remained from the People's Palace was visited by the Mouzeliot Royal Gendarmerie, where a folder with several documents was recovered, including ASPRM's founding declaration.