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—  Villa  —

Nickname(s): ""
Motto: '
Villa TicronvidianHosamia.jpg Ticronvidian Protectorate of Hosamia
Established 20 May 2019
 - Chief Wasil
 - Total 1

Part of Hosamia, there was a recent split so the Imperial Throne split into 2 villas, the Imperial Throne of Hosamia, and this one, Wasilville, it was founded and governed by Wasil, making him the only other government official other then Prince Hosamulas, it is just a house bordering the Imperial Throne, it is part of the Lesser Hosamia State.


When Babikiria annexed Hosamia on June 1, 2019, Wasilville became a villa of Babikiria in the Lesser Babikiria Province.


When Hosamulas and his citizens left Babikiria, the villa became abandoned due to no micronation controlling it.


When Aboudia was formed under Ticronvidia, this became the second villa and Wasil was chosen to govern it.

Return of Hosamia

This villa returned to Hosamia when Babikiria was destroyed.


This villa is part of the Proper Hosamia Province

2nd End

It finally became abandoned on July 7, 2019 when Hosamulas lost contact with Wasil due to being in different cities and never having any online contact.