Volksrepublik Mjölnir

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Volksrepublik Mjölnir
Flag, Mjolnir.pngCoat of arms, MjolnirCoA.png

Mit dem Hammer der Menschen
Alte Kameraden
United Kingdom and Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Capital cityHöhere Seitweg
Largest cityUnter Seitweg
Official language(s)German,Germanic-Mjölnir and English
Official religion(s)Christianism,Germanic Neopaganism (NFCL see Relgion)
Short nameMjölnir
GovernmentCouncil Communism
- Präsident der VolksrepublikSebastian Schriber
- Generalsekretär des KongressesEdward Thalberg
LegislatureMjölnir Landeskongress der Menschen
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - March 16th 2012
EstablishedNovember 4th 2012
Population9 Including Honorary Citizens
CurrencyMjölnir Kredit
Time zoneUTC+1
National sportFishing
National dishVenison
National drinkPure Water
National animalFalcon
Patron saintSt. Felix

The Volksrepublik Mjölnir (Eng: People's Republic of Mjölnir) or more commonly abbreviated as the VRM is a 5th world Micronation located in England and a small area of Germany. The VRM is totally landlocked in the United Kingdom and shares borders with few other micronations.


The VRM started off as a small silly state called Le Town. Soon the nation wanted to become more serious so they changed to the Reich of Forgatta and established a working government. Soon after, the Reich fell unstable. So the nation changed to Cärrum and joined the Empire. After a long period of time the Saxon Empire went inactive and the nation was getting bored, so they left, creating the Volksrepublik Mjölnir.

Cärrum's (Mjölnir's) roll in the GUM scandals

According to the king (now Präsident der Volksrepublik) Penda II approached him with news of what he was going to do. The King held a meeting and the nation agreed to stay neutral and told Sean they'd support them whatever decision he made. Sean went onto leak the logs of the GUM's private chat room, the King proceeded to release statements about the leaks. The nation tried to be diplomatic and once the heat died down the King did tell the Cärrumian Broadcasting Company: that he later 'regretted the decision' and that he saw it as an 'invasion of the chat room's privacy' yet 'what happened in there was still shocking'. The Präsident der Volksrepublik once converted to Mjölnir, apologized to the GUM.


The Government of Mjölnir uses Council Communism. The Mjölnir Landeskongress der Menschen is the legislative body that is able to pass laws and make political decisions. The Mjölnir Landeskongress der Menschen runs on a one party system where the Vereinigte Sozialistische Partei is in power. The Generalsekretär des Kongresses runs the Landeskongress where they make decisions, pass laws etc. The Landeskongress is then topped by the Präsident der Volksrepublik who makes the final decision on the LandesKongress' verdict. No other party is allowed to run in the Landeskongress yet there has been campaigns to allow this. It has been doubted whether the Präsident will accept this.


The Landeskongress is the legislative body that comes up with all laws for the nation. The Landeskongress currently holds five seats, all belonging to Socialist party members. The Landeskongress then has the Kreistag, which is the provisional government for each district. The Kreistag meets up in the Landeskongress to discusses each districts problems. Each district does certain things to benefit the state. For example, Bezirk eins (District 1) is devoted to the military and development of weapons whereas Bezirk zwei is dedicated to farming.


The Mjölnir Mechanisierten Infanterie Kraft or commonly abbreviated MMIK are the dominant armed forces of the VRM. Purely consisting of Land units (since Mjölnir is a landlocked nation) aswell as the Mjölnir Mechanisierte Infanterie Luftwaffe (MMIL) for air support.

Mjölnir Mechanisierten Infanterie Kraft

The MMIK deploys it's troops with Bundeswehr surplus equipment to ensure quality performance on the battlefield. Usual sporting the Flecktarn camouflage scheme fatigues and Stahlhelms. The MMIK uses Air Rifles and G36C assault rifles (Airsoft) as well as airsoft MP5s. The MMIK usually border patrols and polices the state. The MMIK have 7 personel, as it's conscription.

Mjölnir Mechanisierte Infanterie Luftwaffe

The MMIL have a series of RC Planes that have remote cameras and controls as well as remote firing weapons systems. It has been argued that these are UAVs but it has been countered that they do not have the range and power of a UAV. The MMIL also has RC Helicopters as well to ensure battlefield supremacy in the sky. The MMIL have 2 personel, since it's also conscription.