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Welcome to WikivirtuaticaEdit Welcome to the Wikivirtuatica. We’re a collaborative community of Virtuaticans who chronicle the establishment and development of our great virtual nation state Virtuatica! We are virtual citizens who uphold the three virtues of our chosen virtual nation state Liberty Diversity and Equality. Virtual Geograpy of Virtuatica Edit Virtuatica can be found in a room in the social networking game IMVU. The room is composed of apartment, government, religous and recreational structures. Its capital Virtuagrad, has an airpot, city hall, church and town hall. On the outskirts of Virtuagrad are two major forests (Green pines forest and Evergreen forest). Virtual History of VirtuaticaEdit The virtual nation of Virtuatica was established on November 2, 2017 by the council of elders. The council of elders elected the Great Leader/Elder as chief executive of the virtual nation. An IMVU account was setup under the email The council of elders then purchased the gigacity room which then laid the foundations for the city of Virtuagrad. Virtuatica then established its presence in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The virtual nation also made its presence known to other video sharing sites such as You Tube, Daily Motion and Vk. An anonymous artist then created the National Flag of Virtuatica and uploaded it on Flickr. A musician then wrote and composed the lyrics for the Virtuatican national anthem. Several accounts to various internet sites were also made in order to establish the virtual foothold of the cyber nation-state. The official site of the Virtuatican government went online during this day and went under the name virtuaticagov.blogspot. On November 3, 2017 the Virtuatican constitution was drafted and ratified by the council of elders. The constitution was inspired by the constitution of the United States of America. It was based on the three virtues of Liberty Equality and Diversity. The virtual nation state then marked its territory via google earth. From November 11 to 15, Virtuatica purchased several items from the IMVU store to help further improve the environment of the virtual nation.

Fictional History of Virtuatica Edit Virtuatican Government Edit The Virtuatican government is ruled by the "Great Majority". It subscribes to Libertarian and Communist ideals. The Great majority are able virtual citizens of Virtuatica aged 18 and up. All legislative,executive and judiciary functions are performed by the Great Majority. An eternal titular head the "Great Elder" serves as the official virtual ambassador of Virtuatica. Virtuatican Population Edit According to the 2017 national census, Virtuatica is populated by no less than fifty NPCs (Non-playable Characters). The Virtuatican government is currently active in its citizen application campaign. Virtuatican Citizenship Edit Virtuatican citizenship can be acquired through the following steps: Steps to citizenship:

Step 1: Create an IMVU account

Step 2: Go to Virtuatica room

Step 3: Add virtuaticagov as facebook friend

Step 4: Subscribe to virtuaticagov@blogspot.

Step 5: Sing virtuatican national anthem

Congratulations you are now a virtuatican!

Virtuatican National Flag Edit Virtuatican Flag Virtuatican National Flag The Virtuatican National Flag is composed of the colors black and blue. The Blue portion of the flag represents the 7 seas that the virtual nation encompasses. It represents it influence across all physical continents. The globe represents the world wide web wherein the virtual nation continues to spread its influence across all networks and internet platforms. The Virtuatican National Flag was created by an anonymous Virtuatican artist using MS paint and stockphoto from google images. Virtuatican National Anthem Edit The Virtuatican National Anthem was composed by an anonymous Virtuatican musician using a classical guitar. The lyrics were also written by the same artist. Its music and melodies was recorded using a freeware application called Audacity. Lyrics of the Virtuatican National Anthem

Virtuatica National Anthem00:29 Virtuatica National Anthem Virtuatica virtuatica the land of liberty Virtuatica virtuatica there is diversity

Virtuatica virtuatica promotes equality

Virtuatica virtuatica the land for you and me...

The land for you and me..

Virtuatican Constitution Edit The Virtuatican constitution was written and ratified by the Great Majority on November 2, 2017. It drew its inspiration from the United States constitution. It is founded on the virtues of Liberty Equality Diversity. Constitution of Virtuatica

We the people of Virtuatica, believe in the 3 governing principles, liberty, equality and diversity. In doing so we create this constitution to uphold these principles.

Article 1

Section 1

The executive, judiciary, legislative should be granted upon the “Great Majority”.

Section 2

The “Great Majority” shall be composed of members no lower than 18 years of age. All netizens have the responsibility to vote and draft laws that would benefit the nation.

Section 3

Votation and drafting of laws shall be done every Friday of the month at the virtuatica chatroom.

Section 4

A majority vote of 60% ensures the passage of any policy, decision or law.

Section 5

The “Great Majority” has no power nor right to impose taxes on any of its members.

Section 6

The “Great Majority” has the power to declare war on any sovereign nation, restrict actions that would harm any of its members.

Article II

Section 1

Every netizen of Virtuatica has the right to freedom and pursue their individual passions as long as it will not harm other citizens.

Section 2

Every netizen of Virtuatica has the right to free cyber education.

Section 3

Every netizen of Virtuatica has the right to believe or not believe in any deity/deities. Hence Virtuatica has no official and shall not have an official religion.

Section 4

Every netizen has the right to exercise their individual sexual preference without discrimination

Section 5

Every netizen has the right to pursue leisure activities for 4 hours a day.

Section 6

Every netizen should uphold the all of the laws and policies passed by the “Great Majority”

Section 7

Every netizen should respect the rights of other netizens

Section 8

Every person has the right to be a netizen of Virtuatica irregardless of race or creed.

Section 9

Every netizen has the duty to protect Virtuatica in times of cyberwar

Article III

Section 1

Any netizen who violates any of the laws prescribed by the “Great Majority” shall be exiled from Virtuatica.

Section 2

Any netizen who speaks ill of Virtuatica shall not be given netizenship in Virtuatica

Article IV

Section 1

The Great Majority may amend the constitution may amend the constitution whenever they see fit provided that 60% of the great majority voted for such an amendment.

Section 2

Amendments to the constitution should be made known to the Great Majority and its members.

Ratified by: “The Great Majority” November 2, 2017

Virtuatican Currency Edit The Virtuas is the currency of the Virtuatican nation. The virtual banknote was designed by an anonymous virtuatican artist. On it are the symbol (V) of the currency of Virtuatica and its national flag. The Virtuas has the following denomination 5V, 10V, 20V, 50V, 100V, 500V and 1000V. Virtuas 10 V Virtuas Virtuatican Language Edit The Virtuatican language or Virtuatico is derived from various international languages. The Virtuatican alphabet and numbesr are based on the alphanumeric symbols found on the a standard laptop.

Virtuatican Alphabet


  1. - B

( - C

) - D

= - E

- F

, - G

. – H

? – J

/ - K

| - L

^^- M

& - N

0 – O

^ - P

{} – Q

[] – R

$ - S

+ - T

!_! – U

\/ - V

\|/ - W

/|\ - X

- Y

Z - *

Virtuatican Counting

0 – 1

00 – 2

000 – 3

0V- 4

V - 5

V0 – 6

V00 -7

V000 -8

0+ – 9

+ - 10

Virtuaticuan Armed Forces Edit The Virtuatican Armed Forces is led by its commander-in-chief the "Great Elder". Its Chief of Staff is Great General Maco. The armed forces is further more divided into three branches. The Virtuatican People's Airforce, Virtuatican National Guard, Virtuatican People's Army and Virtuatican Navy. The Armed forces is furthermore supplemented by a volunteer virtual army. Virtuatican Travel Tours Edit Virtuatican Travel Tours was established on November 15, 2017. It provides helicopter trips around the city of Virtuagrad. Tourists invited in the city may freely roam the capital in a high class top of the line helicopter. Virtuatican Postal Stamp Edit The official Virtuatican postal stamp was issued by the Virtuatican post office on November 21, 2017. The design was derived from the currency of the Virtuatican nation the Virtuas. Virtuatican Postage Stamps Virtuatican Postal Stamps Virtuatican Crest Edit The Virtuatican Government crest was recently revealed by the Virtuatican Nation. The crest design is composed of the national animal of virtuatica, the virtuatican Owl. The crest is laden with blue stripes which symbolizes the oceans of the world. Virtuatica is a nation for all netizens of the world. Virtuatican Government Crest Virtuatican Passport Edit The Virtuatican Foreign Ministry released Virtuatican passports to all netizens of Virtuatica. The passport is valid for life and is free to all citizens. Embossed in front of the passport is the Virtuatican Crest. Virtuatican Passport