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The practice of Virtuanism is a rare form of government that uses multiple government types in one. The most current adaptation is that of the V.A.R. who invented the form of government. They believe that if everyones government is in one government than everyone will get an equal share of power. This has not been the case. Mainly the republicans and the democrats do not see eye to eye, but they both share a hate for the communist V.A.R. residents. Aristocrats make up the judges, ambassadors, and law makers. While unionized industrials turn the tides of democratic votes and ideas. The anarchists are allowed to propose laws. The government type has failed most of the time but does seem to last a good amount of time. The V.A.R. refuses to give up and pick only one type of government.

lawmaking body

The judicial branch and legislative branch are the same thing, both are facilitated by the "Aristocratic Council" a body of three judges. They act as the countries lawmakers, judges, and constitution makers. The "AC" are able to submit law ideas to the president, and then the president can accept the idea or veto it, the council must than either drop the idea or try again but with a 2/3 majority rule. since the council is made of three council men/women that means you would need 2/3 people. The council must be made up of 3 political parties. There cannot be a council with 2 of the same political party, this creates bias and social unrest. All council members must also be aristocrats. (land owners or wealthy)


The Virtuanism is purposely contradictory to itself. The reason is so that no one party or group gets to much power. Every branch has its own powers and checks on others powers. The lawmakers are slow and argumental to make sure the government does not make a rash or cruel decision. This also ensures that the people maintain most of the power that is left over.


Virtuanism allows the use of constitutional amendments every 5 years. This stops frequent changes and allows the changing of bad to good every 5 years when the councils have been replaced.

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