Vietlao Communist Party

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Vietlao Communist Party
Chairman Luke Walker
Founded 27 March 2013
Headquarters Pyondo, Vietlaos
other organizations Young Communist League(Vietlaos)
Ideology Marxism-Leninism, Maoism
Official colors Red

The Vietlao Communist Party (VCP), is the founding and ruling political party of the Vietlao Democratic Republic. Although nominally it exists alongside the Vietlao Motherland Front, it maintains a unitary government and has centralized control over the state, military, and media. The supremacy of the Communist Party is guaranteed by Article 4 of the national constitution. The highest institution of the CPV is the party's National Congress which elects the Central Committee. In between party congresses, the Central Committee is the supreme organ on party affairs. Immediately after a party congress, the Central Committee elects the Politburo and Secretariat, and appoints the General Secretary, the highest party office. In between sessions of the Central Committee, the Politburo is the supreme organ on party affairs. However, it can only implement decisions based upon the policies which have been approved in advance by either the Central Committee or the party's National Congress. As of 2013, the 11th Politburo comprises 5 members.