Viceroyalty of Aldonia

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Viceroyalty of Aldonia
Flag of Aldonia
Flag of Aldonia and of the Viceroy of Aldonia
Official languagesEnglish
Christian 100%
• Kaiser
Jason I
• Viceroy
Drew Finch
of the TDC Empire
• The Kingdom of Aldonia
• Annexation into TDC
31 May, 2023
• Creation of the federation
7 October, 2023
• Census
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright Side
Calling codeN/A, +1
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Aldonia

The Viceroyalty of Aldonia was a Viceroyalty of the TDC Empire from May 31st to October 7th, 2023. The polity was located in Tennesee and is now the Federation of Aldonia.


Kingdom of Aldonia


Aldonia originally was made for creating micronational flags and later became a Micronation itself.

Golden age

Sometime in mid-2022 Aldonia reached a point of peak influence and saw large reforms in which a proper government was formed and Drew Finch took place as it's King.

Down fall

Eventually sometime in early 2023, the Kingdom fell apart and it was completely abandoned.


On the 31st of May, 2023 the King of Aldonia reached out to the Kaiser of TDC, Jason I asking for the former territory of Aldonia to be incorporated into TDC as he wanted the nation to be given to someone so he knew it would be remembered.

New Aldonian Federation

On the 7th of October, 2023, Jason I granted independence to Aldonia and later the former viceroy, Drew Finch, declared it a federation with him as president.