Verdiacee Goston

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Verdiacee Hampton Goston, a.k.a. Verdiacee Turner, a.k.a. Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey, is the head of the Washitaw Nation, or Washitaw de Dutgdahmoundyah, a group of people who claim to be a sovereign Native American nation within the boundaries of the United States. She was mayor of Richwood, Louisiana in 1975-76 and 1980-84. She is the author of the book Return of the Ancient Ones.

“We been here,” declared the Empress, explaining that the original Native Americans were mostly of a dark complexion. She said the light-skin Indians of Hollywood fame were minority tribes in the Northwest that were mixed with the blood of Chinese invaders. “They made up less than a third of the total population of Indians on this land. White folks don’t owe Black people in America 40 acres and a mule. They need to get up off our land or start paying us some rent and taxes,” she said.[1]

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