Vehicle registration plates of Baustralia

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The vehicle registration plates of Baustralia are paper sheets on the windshield to identify the ownership of the vehicle. These plates are controlled by the Ministry Of Motor Vehicles. These slips of paper are 22.9 centimetres × 11.4 centimetres (9 inches × 4.5 inches). They are used in H.R. Territories, by members of the Baustralian Armed Forces, the Monarch, and the Prime Minister. Vehicles owned outside of territories or not by these members of the government should use their own provinces plates.

Car plates

Government plates

Plate(s) Value Meaning
Diplomatic XX RIS 002 alpha 2 country code identifier
All 1234 Last four digits of VIN


RG Region
CT County, or territory


Image Dates issued Design Slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
BAU plate 2017.png 2017 Black on white paper SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLVM (Baustralia's motto) RGCTCrown0000 1
End of general public plates.

Provincial registration plates