Varanian Republic

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Varanian Republic
Respublica Varaniana
Flag of Varania
Coat of Arms of Varania
Coat of arms
Location of Varania in Europe
Official languagesLatin, Italian, French
Other languagesOccitan, Provençal
GovernmentUnitary authoritarian republic
• First Consul
Olivia Franks
LegislatureNational Assembly
House of Deputies
• Independence
22 June 2018
• Coup of General Ricerca
15 April 2019
• Socialist Revolution
14 Sept 2019
• Coup of Amadeo Ferrata
1 March 2020
• Abdication of Ragazzo I
13 April 2020
• January Uprisings
2 January 2021
• Liberal Wars
19 June 2021
• Republic Proclaimed
22 May 2022
CurrencyVaranian livre

Varania, officially the Varanian Republic, is a sovereign country under a consular republic, most often characterized as a micronation. Varania is situated in south-eastern France, with its capital in Nice and its territories spanning the surrounding area of that city. It is enclaved by the French and Italian republics on all borders but maritime, and also shares a border with Monaco, which it encompasses entirely.

Varania's independence was declared by its founding fathers, Ragazzo I and General Ricerca, on 22 June 2018 at the city of Nice, renamed Ragazzo in honour of the nation's first king. The aforementioned sovereign, Ragazzo, reigned for almost two years vested with the absolute authority of the realm, until he was succeeded by his son Frederick I; a civil war ensued, wherein the liberal crown prince Vittorio fought against Frederick and his perceived tyranny, until eventually the forces of king Frederick prevailed. The people at large became discontented with Frederick's rule thereon, until on 22 May 2022 a republic was proclaimed.