VISSR Border Troops

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VISSR Border Troops
VISSR Border Troops Patch Transparent.png
Shoulder patch of the VISSR Border Troops
Founded4 September 2020
Country Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic
Part ofIsland Liberation Army
Supreme CommanderComrade Dustinov
FlagVISSR Border Troops Flag.png

The VISSR Border Troops are the militarized border guard of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic, subordinated to the Island Liberation Army. Accordingly, they are also known as the Island Liberation Army Border Troops. Unlike border guards of many other countries, the VISSR Border Troops also include maritime border guarding units (i.e., a coast guard).

The mission of the Border Troops include repulsing armed incursions into VISSR territory; preventing illegal crossings of the border or the transport of weapons, explosives, contraband or subversive literature across the border; monitoring the observance of established procedures at border crossing points; monitoring the observance by VISSR and foreign ships of navigation procedures in VISSR territorial waters; and assisting state agencies in the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment from pollution. Border guards are authorized to examine documents and possessions of persons crossing the borders and to confiscate articles; to conduct inquiries in cases of violations of the state border; and to deny entry into the VISSR of individuals suspected of border violations.