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Valsts drošības komiteja
VDK Emblem.png
V.D.K Emblem and Patch
Founded November 23, 2020
Headquarters Christograd, Christadonia
General nature Protection of the Premier and his office
National Security
General information
Jurisdiction Head of State
Standard weapon Beretta 92 (Semi-Automatic) [1]

General Information

The Valsts drošības komiteja, commonly known as the V.D.K is the Christadonia's internal counter-intelligence and security agency and is part of its core intelligence machinery alongside the Chakhyzmat (The Christadonian Secret Police and another Intelligence Agency of Christadonia's). The V.D.K focuses on foreign threats. Its remit includes the protection of Christadonian parliamentary issues and economic interests, counter-terrorism and counter-espionage within Christadonia. It is mainly concerned with internal security.

The service has had a national headquarters in Christusplatz in the Lietains building in Christograd since 2020, drawing together personnel from a number of locations into a single HQ facility.

Command, control and organisation

The V.D.K comes under the authority of the Premier, the service is headed by the country's Premier he is responsible for the operational activity of the service, being responsible for four branches; counter-terrorism, National Security Advice Centre (counter proliferation and counter espionage) and technical and surveillance operations.


The V.D.K Traffic Light Codes its files. Traffic Light Coding of V.D.K Files

  • Green: active—about 10% of files
  • Yellow: enquiries prohibited, further information may be added—about 46% of files.
  • Red: enquiries prohibited, substantial information may not be added—about 44% of files