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The Virtuan Alliance Republic Space Exploration & Exploitation committee, or "VARSEEC" for short, is a space agency built by the VAR in 2014. There goal is to acquire both land and assets from deep space. This has lead to multiple scientific and engineering feats in the past. The VAR has developed a space rocket called "Dark orbit II" A medium sized rocket for space exploration and warfare. The VAR has used a few test rockets before but each time they try, it fails. Leading many Virtuan citizens to believe that either neglect or foul play are involved.

first launch

on april 15th 2015, the VARSEEC send out there first sub orbit probe into the sky, dubbed "quick zap" the probe would use lightning rods to attract lightning and record electrical data. There was also a battery charger attached to the probes wires to see how much battery charge, a lightning strike could deal. But unfortunately the outcome was disastrous, without warning 10 minutes after launch, a bolt of dark lightning hit the probe and the battery shorted our, all data lost and the probe was not recovered. Black lightning is incredibly rare and instead of just electrical charges being send down, there are huge doses of radiation.


No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Notes
1 Virtuan probe mission N/A Quick Zap I 4/15/15 collect data Mission Failed
No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Notes
2 Virtuan Rocket mission N/A Dark Orbit I 8/23/15 gain low orbit Mission success