United Saormican Republic of States (U.S.R.S)

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The United Saormican Republic of States is a micronational union dedicated to freedom and independence, not to mention the growth, of micronations. It was founded in 2002 under various names, eventually settling upon the current. It was founded by the then-existing republic, the Republic of Earl. However, when the republic collapsed, and the current Holy Saormican Empire took over, the U.S.R.S. grew exponentially.


After years of oppression and refusal for independence, the U.S.R.S. was founded. Saormica took with it all of its territories. This made Saormica one of the largest micronations known at that time.

Nations Break Away/Freedom from the Empire

Many of the nations, all conquered, merged, of under Saormicas control began to break away from the empire. Of the recognized 23 nations in the U.S.R.S., 16 were controlled both directly and indirectly by Saormica. Over time, 7 of those 16 either began exercising their own freedoms, slowly broke away, or declared independence from Saormica and the U.S.R.S. Their leaders had begun to feel like Saormica had too much control over the U.S.R.S. because they were the founding member. By 2007, the 23 nations had declined to just 10.

Restoration of Power/Expansion to the Online World

Many nations originally secdeeded from Saormica and the U.S.R.S. returned, having found that their economies suffered due to the vast amount of micronations worldwide. The majority of them returned with more power in the U.S.R.S. Many online micronations soon applied for the U.S.R.S. when its power came back. Few fit the criteria. However, U.S.R.S. legislation has since made it much easier to join.

Basis for U.S.R.S

The U.S.R.S. is not under complete control of Saormica, as most believe. It is simply the Secretary General, the head of the U.S.R.S. legislation. Nations do not have be be under control, nor if they were to join would they be under the control of Saormica. The only nations under control of the Holy Saormican Empire are already in it.

Basic Principles (first four Amendments from the United Saormican Republic of States Constitution):

I. All nations have, shall, and will always be granted, the rights to freedom. No nation, person, ruler, assembly, nor any other be denied due to beliefs, practices, government, ideas, concepts, etc.

II. All nations have the right to freedom of speech, practice of religon and government, and liberty as granted. No one shall ever be denied the rights of speech, religon and government, and are free to openly practice these rights.

III. All nations have the rights to bear arms. Never shall a nation, who is underprotected, cannot afford protection, does not have access to it, or other be denied protection from those who have it. Nations have the right to use arms freely in legal and governmentally approved manners, as long as these manners do not interfer with a persons rights to use and bear arms.

IV. All nations have the right to self-governing, and the freedom to any form of government they choose. No nation may force an other to fix it government ideas, practices, leaders, etc. All nations must have a governing system that can help, aid, and lead its people.