United Federation of BMH

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United Federation of BMH
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National Flag
Alternate Flag

Capital cityYatrines
Largest cityYatrines
Official language(s)English(which dialect?) (Official). Portuguese, Italian, German, British English,
Official religion(s)None official; All accepted
Short nameBMH Federation
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- PresidentSeth Hinman (National Freedom Party)
- Vice-PresidentKelly Hinman (temporary) (National Regional Council)
EstablishedMay 4th 2015
Area claimed15 acres
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Time zoneUnited States Central Time
National sportTrack and Field
National animalBear
This nation is a member of the Micronational Treaty Organization


The United Federation of BMH is a micronation founded on May 4, 2015, and it declared its independence officially on 22 May 2015. It was founded by its current President Seth Hinman. Hinman and his fellow associates created the nation in hopes that it would give them and their citizens self freedom. The first Presidential election ran well and was a success. Seth Hinman was named president after getting a 48/124 vote, the highest voter turnout of all four candidates. The United Federation of BMH


The acronym BMH stands for Bear Mountain Highlanders, a sports academy out of Quinter, Kansas that Seth Hinman is a member of.


The first presidential election was held 25 May 2015. The United Federation also joined allies with the the Democractic Union of Shlish on 28 May 2015. The United Federation had made relations with the Commonwealth of Citizens against War, which is run by a relative of Seth Hinman's. The United Federation is running strong is hoping to get a great future built. The BMH Federation also joined forces with the Micronational Treaty Organization (MNTO) on 27 May 2015.

Government and politics

The United Federation of BMH has a very unique court system. This is due to the balance of jobs needed to be split up over a court system. The President is almost always the supreme decider in most cases or issues. The Vice President also supports issues that are needed to be addressed and serves almost as a adviser to the President. There are 4 total presidential candidates in the election. These four have been selected by the Executive court, also known as the National Freedom Party, from submissions by the lowest ranking court in the U.F.B.M.H, United Federation Juniors of BMH. The United Federation Juniors of BMH is the lowest ranking court. Although they are, they still have a pretty important job. There are 16 total members of the court. 4 representatives from each region or "state" in the U.F.B.M.H. These members at election time submit 2 candidates per member they think are good for presidents. This means there could be up to 32 possible candidate submissions. But the executive court will have to approve 4 of the 32 candidates. These 4 are the true candidates for election. The members of the United Federation Juniors of BMH can be aged 16–20 and also have to be a citizen of the U.F.B.M.H. The legislative court, also called the National Regional Council, has several important jobs. They have 4 members per region like the U.F.J.C. (United Federation Juniors of BMH Court). The National Regional Council can vote on a vetoed bill. Since there are 16 total members from all regions, they will need at least 12 votes for it to be passed. This is pretty much the legislative's only job other than having a say at some things at meetings and voting on things that are needed to be in the government.

Law and order

There is not much laws in the U.F.B.M.H. There is only a few laws in the constitution that are expected to be followed by citizens. Although the U.F.B.M.H is a a big micronation, crimes are usually not a problem in the U.F.B.M.H. There have been no major outbursts or complications in the U.F.B.M.H.

Foreign relations

The United Federation of BMH has several established foreign relations. They are in the Micronational Treaty Organization started in 2015 for several great micronations. There are currently 9 members as of 29 May 2015 in the Micronational Treaty Organization. THe United Federation of BMH has established relations with the Commonwealth of Citizens against War and the The Democratic Union of Shlish.


There is no current military for the United Federation of BMH. The citizens may form an assemble shall need be. Many citizens own arms and weapons of theirs that if there is a attack, a defensive stand could be in place. The United Federation of BMH though, is a peaceful country so it would much rather not engage in war as it's a very pointless resolution and if it becomes serious then it could mean trouble.

Geography and climate

The geography is very Great plains like. It is very human evolved as far as the land. There can be signs of human evolution here as there are people in the area living and occupying the area. There is a farm very near the United Federation of BMH. The country is in the Northwest Kansas area in the United States. It is normally warm in the Spring and Summer era. Although there can be late winter storms and decent thunderstorms at the Federation, weather is still quite good. Winter get's colder usually and fall is fair amount of cold and warm. It can go either way.


The United Federation of BMH bases their currency on the United States Dollar. It is a very easy and widely accepted currency and it allows the country to avoid having to cause back up's in their own currency. Yes, it may not be good to be on dependent on the currency but it is something we feel will still suit us good. It also helps are business's inside the country. Citizens are not required to buy stuff from the country but it is encouraged.


The United Federation of BMH has several foreign citizens that have requested to be members as long as the nation's website goes. They may create a account on our website. But there is a list of confirmed members/citizens who are actually represented by the country. So anyone could have a account at the nation's website. But the United Federation won't recognize unless there has been interaction between the two. The language's conclude English, British-English, Polish, Portuguese, Italian and German. There is no official religion as the United Federation does not support a official religion. Religion is allowed in the country and anyone can practice theirs. There are absolutely no laws against that.


The United Federation of BMH is exposed on the media as far as having it's own Facebook page, a twitter account, a nation website and there are also some information on the website for micronations ([1])

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