Union Democrata per Esecina

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Union Democrata per Esecina
PresidentGenaro Cannizzo
Founded8 February 2019
IdeologyOccitan nationalism
Social liberalism
Democratic liberalism
Political positionCentrism
International affiliation-
SloganFar país (Make Country)
National Assembly of Esecina
0 / 4

The Democratic Union for Esecina - officially Union Democrata per Esecina in Occitan - is a political party created on 8 February 2019 by Genaro Cannizzo in the course of the electoral campaign prior to the presidential elections in the Republic of Esecina on 15 February 2019.

The main ideological postulates of the party are to make Esecina an international benchmark in Occitan culture, to promote the creation of culture in the Occitan language and to turn the nation into an attractive space for investors from all over the world by encouraging a free market with little intervention.