Unilandian Military Police

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Unilandian Military Police


Founded October 14, 2018
Headquarters San Mateo Province
General nature Law enforcement

National Border Patrol, Security and Customs Enforcement

Minister of Defence President Jack Porter
Chief Officer General B.Bascombe

Provincial Border Patrol Directorate

Entry and Exit Point Guards Directorate

National Border Security Directorate

General information
Jurisdiction Unilandian Government
Standard weapon Baton

Unilandian Military Police or UMP acts as the police force of The Republic of Uniland it is made up of personal from the UMF and is responsible for providing law enforcement throughout the nation.


The UMP is tasked with maintaining Uniland's territorial borders and securing the border crossing points to prevent illegal items from entering the country.


  • Guarding and patrolling the national border;
  • Securing border crossing Points;
  • Preventing illegal border crossings;
  • Preventing the transportation of prohibited and limited items over the national border;
  • Preventing the movement illegal items over the border;
  • Enforcing Law throughout the Republic


The UMP is broken into three Divisions

  • Checkpoint Security
  • National Border Security
  • Police Patrols