Unilandian Ground Forces

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Unilandian Ground Forces
Униландские сухопутные войска
Unilandskiye sukhoputnyye voyska
Active 23 May 2018 - present
Country Uniland Flag.png The Republic of Uniland
Type Army
Size 4
Part of Armed Forces of The Republic of Uniland
Headquarters Hillview
Commander-in-Chief Jack Porter
Chief-of-Staff Benjamin Bascombe

The Unilandian Ground Forces (Russian: Униландские сухопутные войска, Unilandskiye sukhoputnyye voyska) is the land warfare branch of the Unilandian Military, it is responsible for border security and maintaining law and order within the nation. All soldiers in the Ground Forces have Military Police authority and have the power to detain criminals.


    • 1st Division
  • 1st Squad (3 Men)
  • 2nd Squad (1 Man)


Armed Forces of The Republic of Uniland
General of The Army General Lieutenant General Major General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Senior Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Lieutenant Staff Sargent Sargent Junior Sargent Corporal Private
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The Ground Forces utilise both lethal and non lethal weapons. During Peace time the Military is issued with Non-lethal weapons so the military can maintain law and order. During war The military can be issued with the Lee Enfield is the government deems it necessary.