Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun

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Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun
Raonish Shield

Official language(s)Raonish, English, Swedish
Official religion(s)Aluvianism
Short nameRaon
DemonymRaonish, Raondun, Raondan
GovernmentVyrkrin Tribal

The Raon Kyremdom (rah-own kai-rim-dome) oron ("of") Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun (tai-goo vai-ear'k-tee-gay-roon rah-own-doon) is a Raonish ethnic, germanic, tribe led by Kyrem Äon Vyrktigärun.

The tribe is nomadic and has no lands or claims thereof.

Recent events

-September 28, 2016 - the tribe of Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun was established with Äon Vyrktigärun as Kyrem (Chieftain).

-October 3, 2016 - Iconography was created to represent tribe.

-October 9, 2016 - First Känmuxyt (Clanmeet) was held over Skype. 3 Kav (Cavalry) attended, and 0 Taum (Presentry) were appointed from the Kav to act as legislature. Ruling: Edict 091016A issued, which states: Creation of an official flag and additional iconography.

About the tribe


Raon Kyremdom is a Raonish phrase that means "Iron Kingdom" and Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun, "The Vyrktigärun Ironmen".

Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun is also known as the first Vyrkrin that makes up the Tygu Roatzoren Onaskothrören, "The Iron Faction".


The Raon Kyremdom oron Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun was founded on September 28, 2016. However, ethnic Raonish is a mixture of Western and Northern Germanic (Scandinavian/Frankish/Saxon) ancestry.


The Raon Kyremdom oron Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun is, currently, a tribal government made up of an affiliation of Känsdun (Clansmen) and Kyrnsdun (Kinsmen).

Känsdun consist of all tribe members who have embraced the tribal Van (way of life) which includes renunciation of ethnicity, fluency in Raonish, and formal initiation into the Clan; in other words, Känsdun are all those who are properly Raonish, who have become one of the Raondun.

Kyrnsdun are the entirety of the tribe which is another word for family.

At the head of both the Känsdun and Kyrnsdun is the Kyrem (King/Chieftain).

Orghier.png Tvr-vyrkrinorg.png

General policies

Kyrnsdun may practice any religion and be any nationality, identify as any ethnicity.

Känsdun may practice any religion OUTSIDE of the clan functions, and they must identify only as Raonish. Känsdun must adhere to the Van.

Any Känsdun may forfeit their position in the Kän (Clan) at any time, but they may not be readmitted for a period of six years.

Any child born to Känsdun is automatically a member of the Kän (Clan) until the age of twelve. It is then that they must take the Van (tribal way of life) or forfeit their clansmenship.

Likewise, any child born to Kyrnsdun parents is automatically considered Kyrnsdun.


Any man, woman, or child of considerable age (12 or older) may call themselves a member of the tribe, the family. They become Kyrnsdun (Kinsmen) and will be treated with respect, dignity, and allowed the rights & privileges of any brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or kin.

Any Kyrnsdun may draw their banners and their coat of arms bearing the Mark of Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun, the round-shield of the tribe.

Beyond the Kyrnsdun is the Känsdun (Clansmen). Kyrnsdun who accept the Raonish way of life (Tygu Van) and become properly Raonish may join the Känsdun. The Känsdun are treated as the adopted children of the chieftain.

Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun, Tygu Roatzoren Onaskothrören, Tygu Raon Kyremdom, and the Vyrkrin

Tygu Vyrktigärun Raondun is the name of a tribe under oversight by a Raon Kyremdom, or "Iron Kingdom".

Tygu Raon Kyremdom is part of Tygu Roatzoren Onaskothrören (also called Tygu Roatzoren Kuroendar), which means "The Iron Faction" or "The Iron Kind" respectively. This is the global body of tribal Raonish Vyrkrin.

A Vyrkrin is any active Raonish tribe and the word itself means "Great Family".

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