Tupocktuloctenak, Eastern Chieften

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Eastern Chieften
PredecessorDjoser II
SuccessorNectombetec II
as Chieften of the Sun
Bornc. 1994

Tupocktuloctenak, sometimes shortened to Tupo, was a Cheiften of the Eastern Chiefdom during the Predynastic period of Wilcsland.

He was the last Eastern Chieften, succeeding Djoser II some time during 1999, and reigning until some time later in the year, when the Eastern Chiefdom was conquered by the Chiefdom of the Sun under Nectombetec II.

Tupocktuloctenak, Eastern Chieften
Royal titles
Preceded by
Djoser II
Eastern Chieften
Succeeded by
Throne abolished
Eastern Chiefdom conquered by Nectombetec II