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Social Republic of Transtonia (Viadalvian) Scoial Repbliek Transtonie
6–24 October 2013
Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: One Leader One Republic
National anthem: Soviet march
Capital Chiz
Official languages English, Viadalvian, Polish ,Dutch
Denonym Transtonian
Government Single-party fascist republic
Leaders Basileus: Tomek Sloekers
Founded 6 October 2013
Defeated by Viadalvia 24 October 2013
Location North western Europe
Population 7
Currency Sahel

The Social Republic of Transtonia declared its independence from the Federal Republic of Viadalvia on 6 October 2013 after a dispute with the Viadalvian President Shady Morsi The republic was proclaimed in the capital of Chiz by the Transtonian govenor Tomek "Edward" Sloekers, and fought one devastating war with the Viadalvia, which denounced the secession. In late October, the Social Republic was defeated by Viadalvia