Republic of Torantaanne

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Republic of Torantaanne
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Long Live Democracy.
Musical Anthem: O' Canada
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: North America, Antarctica, and Pacific Ocean
Area claimed: 2 Acres (just North America Territorry)
Membership: unknown
Date of foundation: October, 2006
Date of Dissolution: January, 2007
Leadership: President Zachary Vercetti (at Dissolution)
Purported organizational structure: Republic
Language: English and French
Purported currency: US dollar, Canadian Dollar, UNAro

Torantaanne was founded in 2003 as New Canada and changed it's name in 2006 to The Republic of Torantaanne. The last President of Torantaanne was micronationalist Zachary Adaums Allah Vercetti, who was overthrown. Torantaanne has approx. 1000 acres. The capital of Torantaanne was New Quebec. Torantaanne is very rural and not very dense. Torantaanne was a member nation of the Union of North American Micronations . Torantanne changed it's name back to New Canada.