Republic of Timur

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Republic of Timur
Timur Cumhuriyeti

Timur Flag.png
Timur COA.png
Coat of Arms

"Endless country of the Blue Fox."
"All Hail the Blue Fox"
Capital cityFoxanianFlag.jpg Foxania (Khara)
Largest cityBüyükada
Official language(s)Timurian, Turkish (co-official), Korean (co-official)
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentPresidential Constitutional Republic
- PresidentYunus Emre İşseven
- Prime MinisterShady Morsi
LegislatureTimurian Parliament of Rights
Established4th February, 2015
Area claimed18.1 km
CurrencyTimurian pez (de facto) Turkish lira (de jure)
Time zoneEET (UTC+2)
National sportTimurian wrestling
National drinkLeney
National animalFox

Timur, officially the Republic of Timur is a micronation located in the Baku archipelago . Timurian government claims all of the Baku archipelago as the territory of Timur. Till this day, there were no recognizition from world governments. There were no actions of Timur The official language is Timurian created by the leader of the country, Yunus Emre İşseven. Recognised spoken languages are Turkish and Timuran. The country was built with the power of Turks and Timurans. The Adalar District of Turkey is also claimed by Kadiristan, and Kadiristan sent a treaty to Timur to be its Autonomous Region, the current approval is awaiting.


The word Timur is a name in Old Turkish (Gokturkish). The word's meaning is "Steel". Also it became popular by the emperor Timur Han of the Timurid Dynasty, which is an old country that fought with the Ottomans and got destroyed by the Golden Horde.


The president liked the idea of establishing a country in the district of Prince Islands, because his family comes from there. He established the micronation in 4 July, making it the 5th official Turkish micronation. In the Assembly of Timur, there is Korean friends of him. That's why the country was built with the formation of Turks and Koreans. Yunus Emre İşseven loved foxes. He owned a baby fox, one day he accidentally painted the fox in blue, that became an aspect of the country. Blue fox is the biggest God on Timurian mythology.


The government type is Presidential constitutional republic. The head of the country is the President, Yunus Emre İşseven. Executive power is exercised by the Cabinet, officially termed as the Timurian Parliament of Rights, which is led by the Prime Minister, the Head of Government. Some matters are decided by the President of Finland, the Head of State, in plenary meetings with the Timurian Parliament of Rights, The President is present in the Timurian Parliament of Rights, but decides on issues such as personal appointments and pardons on the advice of the relevant minister. In the ministries, matters of secondary importance are decided by individual ministers, advised by the minister's State Secretary. The Prime Minister and the other ministers in the Council of State are responsible for their actions in office to the Timurian Parliament of Rights

Political Parties

The Timur Republic have one party The Timuran Popular Party is a Pro-Selcuar, Moderate Right Wing, Conserative Party. It adheres to Conservative, Nationalist, Anti-communist, Capitalist and Libertarian influences. Goals of the TTP is the promotion of Timuran nationalism


The constitution was written by Yunus Emre İşseven. It has 50 articles.

Foreign relations

Timur recognizes all of UN member states and micronations. Timur made an alliance with Thessania and TMU to join the Turkish Micronational Union.

Recognised; no relations


There is not much to say about the economy of Timur, Since the nation has not been recognized by Turkey, the economy of Timur is dependent on the Turkish one.


The Timurian language was created by Yunus Emre İşseven. There is a mythology called imurian mythology. The national sport is Yağlı güreş (Oil wrestling) in Timurian style. The national drink is Leney, which comes from the mixation of lemonade and honey.


Timurian language is a language used in Timur . The language was created by the current president of Timur, Yunus Emre İşseven. It has an alphabet and it is based on Korean.