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ThomasvilleFlag.pngThomasville Crest.png

Raphael is great, Raphael is just
"L'estate di John Wayne" by Raphael Gualazzi
Official language(s)English
Short nameThomasville
- MayorLucy
- Mayor's SecretaryDrew
- Police ChiefMargaret
Population6 (as of 2021 census)
Time zone(EST)
National sportFour Square
National dishPopcorn
National drinkHot Cocoa
National animalOsprey (National Bird), Raphael Gualazzi (National Mammal)

Thomasville is a micronation located in the United States that was founded in 2019.

The Thomasville government is overseen by the mayor, the head of the legislative branch.


The name "Thomasville" is derived from the last name of the founders.


Thomasville was unofficially founded in late 2019. The three siblings drew roads in their driveway. They made traffic laws and a police system to enforce the laws. Thus, the Thomasville police force was born.

Later, in early 2020, the population doubled. The first mayor was elected, the name was chosen, and the Hexcoin was created.

Thomasville went online for a few months during the pandemic. During this time, Thomasville got its flag, had its second and third election, and had its first auction.

Since late 2020, Thomasvilians have been able to mingle in-person again. Since that time Thomasville has had its fourth and fifth election, experienced a stronger economy, and has benefited from the opening of Thomasville University.

Politics and government

Thomasville's government has three branches. The legislative branch is overseen by the mayor and also includes the mayor's secretary. All citizens may participate in the legislative branch through town hall meetings. The judicial branch is composed by the judge and the executive branch is composed of the police force.

Law and order

To learn about the laws of Thomasville, refer to the Constitution. After a person commits a crime, they are brought before the judge, who decides their sentence. The police force is then responsible for carrying out this sentence.

Foreign relations

Thomasville is not yet politically involved with other micronations, but the government is considering it. Email us:


As of now, Thomasville does not have a military. Thomasville citizens do not have the right to bear arms, and hurting others is unconstitutional, so a military does not seem beneficial to Thomasville at this time.

Geography and climate

An osprey, the national bird of Thomasville

Thomasville is culturally located in between California and Germany, but physically located in Georgia, USA. Thomasville is a city-state, so Thomasville is the only city in Thomasville. Thomasville enjoys a mild climate.


The currency of Thomasville is the Hexcoin.

Thomasville has a public transit system, RadioBahn which is one of the micronation's largest companies. Thomasville University is a major part of the economy. The largest sectors in Thomasville's economy are the entertainment, service, candy, electronics, digital production, and education sectors.

Taxes are 10% in Thomasville. Taxes are charged on citizens' saved Hexcoins every week. The mayor, secretary, and police receive a weekly salary.

Culture and media

Raphael Gualazzi is regarded fondly in Thomasvilian culture.

Thomasville has had several unsuccessful newspapers in the past. Thomasville does not have an official television station. There is an unofficial news source called Thomasville News.

Thomasville has a college called Thomasville University which serves as the main educational institution of the micronation.

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