Thomas I of Hanover

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Thomas I
King of Hanover
Reign 2003
Predecessor James I
Successor Alexander I
House House of Cutterham-Marchmain

Following the inaugural yet brief reign of Hanover's first monarch, King James I, Thomas Cutterham, Prince of Emden, Duke of Brunswick and Lord Chancellor of Hanover ascended the throne to the approving acclamation of the people of Hanover on September 5, 2003. The most trusted and beloved knight companion of Hanover's royal founder, King James named Thomas to be his successor upon his decision to abdicate, fully trusting in the capabilities of his most deserving lieutenant. Thomas and James had, in fact, ruled together as partners from the very beginning. It was, indeed, Thomas's wise counsel and instinctive leadership which stood behind and bolstered many of the acts which, during the Jacobean era, led Hanover out of infancy to become a solid and secure national community.

As Hanover's first Minister of State, Thomas created a sound and reliable foreign policy, welcoming into alliances several prominent micronations while at the same time giving the nation the ability to declare with absolute integrity its unyielding committment to peace and cultural relevance. Even before ascending the throne, Thomas paved the way towards a new Hanoverian era wherein the nation was given the opportunity to more thoroughly evaluate and define its role amongst the community of nations and micronations.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • Dec 2002-June 2003: "His Highness" The Prince of Emden, Duke of Brunswick
  • June- December 2003: His Majesty" The King
  • 2004–Present: His August Highness" The Duke of Brunswickcastle


  • Alexander I Accession Medal (2004)
  • Knight Commander Order of the Act (2006)
  • Order of Hanover (2006)
  • Grand Cross Order of the Rose (2008)
  • James II Accession Medal (2009)
  • Hanoverian Citizenship Ribbon (2011)
  • Queen Alexandra Accession Medal (2013)

Thomas I of Hanover
House of Cutterham-Marchmain
Regnal titles
Preceded by
James I of Hanover
King of Hanover
Succeeded by
Alexander I, King of Hanover