Territories of Vryland

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Territories of Vryland
Gebiede van Vryland

New Vryland flag.png

Largest settlements Noblesville, Massillon
Official language English
Demonym(s) Vrylandian


Leaders Monarch: King William I
Minister of Home Affairs:

Area 0.03986154 km2

Population 9

The Territories of Vryland are 2 territories under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of Vryland. These territories are considered separate from the rest of Vryland. Most of the permanently inhabited territories are internally self-governing, with Vryland retaining responsibility for defence, foreign relations and good governance.

The government minister responsible for the territories is the Minister of Home Affairs.

Current territories

Flag Arms Name Location Motto Area Population Capital
Braunland territory flag.png Braunland territory shield.png Braunland Noblesville, Indiana Gott mit uns 2 hectares 5 Mischistan
Oblialand flag.png Oblialand shield.png Olbialand Massillon, Ohio 1.96 hectares 4 Massillon


Head of state

The head of state in the territories is the Vrylandian monarch, William I. The King's role in the territories is in his role as King of Vryland, and not in the right of each territory. The King appoints a representative in each territory to exercise his executive power. In Braunland, a Governor is appointed by the King. In Olbialand, an Administrator is appointed.

Local government

The territories have their own systems of government and localised laws.

Territory Government
Braunland The Government consists of an elected Landtag. The Chief Minister is the head of government and the Governor is the represenative of the monarch.
Olbialand The Government consists of an appointed Territorial Assembly. The Administrator is the head of government and the representative of the monarch.