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Template layout

{{Selected picture
| image      = 
| size       = 
| caption    = 
| gallery    = 
| location   = 
| text       = 
| credit     = 
| link       = 
| page       = 
| archive    =
| framecolor =


  • image - Places an image relating to the subject of the article on the left side of the section.
  • size - Sets the image size, if left out or left blank it will default to 250px.
  • caption - Sets the Alt text ( WP:ALT), which briefly describes the image, and is spoken or braille-printed by screenreader software.
  • gallery - A "yes" will activate the gallery option
  • location- Location of gallery on Wikipedia
  • credit - Use this to credit the source or photographer that created the image
  • text - A brief summary of the subject, positioned below the image.
  • link - Sets the link in the Read more... that points to the full article.

page - Set an auxiliary page for the More selected foo if the sub page is at another location such as Selected image.

  • archive - Using this field with a value of no will remove the More selected pictures... link in the lower left corner. Use this field if you are using the |footer= parameter in the Template:Random box-header subpage template on the main portal page.
  • framestyle - The style of the frame (border). Choose from dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, and outset. Default value is ridge.
  • framecolor - Color of the image frame; defaults to #177245 (dark spring green).