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This template is to use as a helper template to rank insignia images. Instead of uploading File:Examplian General.svg, and File:Examplian Generalissimo.svg, which are both identical except for the Generalissimo text, one could simply upload Examlian General, and use this template.

This template must be surrounded in a container which will auto-size, or has text-align:center in it's CSS.


General sleeve.svg

General sleeve.svg



was generated with this code:

<div style="text-align:center">
[[File:General sleeve.svg|50px]] <br>
[[File:General sleeve.svg|50px]]


Parameter Description
1 Colour swatch. See #Colour_swatches. Defaults to: Default
2 Text to embed. Defaults to: .
3 Margin (without px) in pixels to align the text onto a 50px wide image. Negates it self for margin-top. Defaults to: 95.
4 Font size (without pt) in points. Defaults to: 5.

Colour swatches

Name Foreground
Baustralia, Kingdom of
navy-bau   #e7ca11 
army-bau   #e7ca11 
army-bau-enlisted   #ff0000 
Default or invalid swatch name

To add a swatch, add an entry here with the foreground, and entry name, including a 3 letter abbreviation for your country, or add to the {{#switch:|}} tag.