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Exclusive infobox imported from Russian Wikipedia. At the moment of creation (21.10.2017) there wasn't any translation of it. This variant contains additional information about border control.

{{Infobox international border
|name =
|country1 =
|flag1 =
|country2 =
|flag2 =
|image =
|caption =
|map =
|map_caption =
|nearer settlements =
|existence time =
|demarcation =
|length =
|presence of control =
|controlling organisation =
|visa free =


National border
of Ukraine and Slovakia
Flag of Ukraine.png
Flag of Slovakia.png
Settlements Uzhgorod - Vyšné Nemecké
Chop - Čierna nad Tisou
Demarcation 1946
(as border of Flag of the Czech Republic.png CSSR and Flag of the Soviet Union.png USSR)
Length 97 km
Control yes
Controlling organisation Flag of Ukraine.png Flag of Slovakia.png Border Service
Visa-free regime yes
(in case of biometrical passport presense)
{{Infobox international border
|name = National border<br>of Ukraine and Slovakia
|country1 = [[wikipedia:Ukraine|Ukraine]]
|flag1 = Flag of Ukraine.png
|country2 = [[wikipedia:Slovakia|Slovakia]]
|flag2 = Flag of Slovakia.png
|image =
|caption =
|map =
|map_caption =
|nearer settlements = <small>Uzhgorod - Vyšné Nemecké<br>Chop - Čierna nad Tisou </small>
|existence time =
|demarcation = 1946<br><small>(as border of [[File:Flag of the Czech Republic.png|border|link=|20px]] CSSR and [[File:Flag of the Soviet Union.png|border|link=|20px]] USSR)</small>
|length = 97 km
|presence of control = yes
|controlling organisation = [[File:Flag of Ukraine.png|border|link=|20px]] [[File:Flag of Slovakia.png|border|link=|20px]] Border Service
|visa free = yes<br><small>(in case of biometrical passport presense)</small>