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Supported Codes

Use this with the following language codes: /ap (Apiyan), /rkl (Late Rakwiktrab), /rcp (Early Rikuchreb), /rcx (Modern Rikuchreb), /tv (Austravian), /rb (Berinese), /cn (Caran), /fn (Francillish), /hc (Hungaro-Cyrillic), /th (Theodian), /jc (Juclandian), /ko (Kozo-English), /mo (Moylurgian), /tn (Tianish), /pf (Pannonian French), /pr (Pristinian), /ps (Prsänëan), /nk (Nemkhav), /sa (Modern Sanskrit आधुनिकसंस्कृतं), /ds (Sanyanese), /dq (Old Senyanese (a.k.a. Resqwerlandish)), /sy (Сэканй), /slin (Slyn-Englysh) /wg (Westgermønsz), /ws (Westlandisch), /vt (Вультёьве), /ze (Zålandienska), /dn (Dannish), /ccro (Cceccund'umya), /ccru (ǂǷǂ፥ˠ፥Ꮩƪ), /gd (Gordonz Languange), prs (Persanto), vl (Verd'landian), /isk (Anatolish), /ea (Asturi Ta'agra).


To add another conlang to this template, use the following code, and swap LANGUAGECODE for a two-letter code to represent your language (please try and avoid using the language codes on this list as it may conflict with the Translate and AllTranslate templates), and replace LANGUAGENAME with the name of your language: