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Royal Dog of Burdette

The Kingdom of Burdette observes several holidays, including religious holidays like Christmas, and national holidays like Burdettian Independence Day. On certain holidays the government takes a temporary break and parliament adjourns. These holidays include:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Independence Day

Citizens tend to be religious on the local level. Many citizens go to church on Easter and Christmas Eve which is the main reason the government is shut down during these holidays.

Government Recognized Holidays in Burdette
Name Date
Easter Varies[a]
April Fools Day 1 April
King Isaiah's Birthday 31 April
Fathers Day 3rd Sunday of June
Halloween 31 October
Armistice Day 11 November
Thanksgiving 4th Thursday of November
Independence Day 3 December
Christmas 25 December
New Years Eve 31 December

Vexillology and heraldry

The flag of BD printed.

Graphic design symbols in the Kingdom of Burdette usually contain red and white. Burdette has a small selection of vexillology and heraldry but it is growing substantially as time goes on. Most symbols are made by non-citizens of Burdette like the Lower and Upper coat of arms of the Kingdom of Burdette which was designed by Ivan Brienovic who was paid an unspecified amount.


Journalism in the Kingdom of Burdette is small and there is only one news source. The only news source is The Burdette Times which covers most major events in the Kingdom of Burdette. Some of the things they cover include the first parliament elections and the Burdette getting into the Grand Unified Micronational. The news source is run by the King but it holds no political bias and is not associated with any political party.

The Kingdom of Burdette has an email, Twitter, and a Discord server. The Kingdom of Burdette has the biggest social media presence on discord with over 30 members. The email is not public and is simply used for sites the Kingdom uses like Patreon. The Kingdom of Burdette Twitter account is usually inactive. Some elections are also held through the Discord server although some elections like the Prime Minister elections are held in person.

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