Temne warriors

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Temne Warriors
Temne Warriors attire 1432-1460

Chief Kamakazi reign
ancient songs of Temne
Kamakazi city

Capital cityKamakazi city
Largest cityPort loko
Official language(s)Temne
Official religion(s)Islam, Temne Pagan
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- NationalityTemne
- Grand Master KingChief Kamakazi
- BornKamakazi city
Established329 B.C.
Population300,000 (as of 1705 census)
Time zonefull moon
National sportgladiators
National animalPanthers

The Temne Warriors is a micronation attire founded on 1432 A.D.


The Temne consider their ancestral home as Fouta Jallon, in the highlands interior territory of present-day Guinea.[3] The Fouta Jallon region was among the West African regions that came under the sustained invasions of the Fulani people from Mali, triggering a mass migration of various ethnic groups, including the Temne who moved south in the 15th century.[1][3] During their migration they met the Limba people, who themselves had likely settled in Sierra Leone between 12th and 14th centuries, once again because of wars and invasions to the north of Sierra Leone.[12] According to Alexander Kup – a professor of History specializing on Africa, the oral traditions of Temne about their origins in the Fouta Jallon, the century of their migration, and their attempts to escape "pale skinned people who wished to Islamize them", are confirmed in the stories of the other ethnic groups, such as the Susu people and Yalunka people.

Government and politics

Chiefs elected a overlord to see all of Temne contributions are taken care of.

Law and order

guards protected the Temne people appointed by chiefs of Temne villages, and citys

Foreign relations

Temne was allies with the Mali empire from 1309 to 1443 ties broke because of Mali converting to many Temne to Islam,


INFORMATION ABOUT THE STRUCTURE OF THE MILITARY, DIFFERENT BRANCHES, WEAPONRY Swords crossbows, CONFLICTS INVOLVED IN Nubian War, war on barbarians, and Songhai battle of Niger river Temne warriors were 30,000 swordsman and 10,000 crossbowman

Geography and climate

The centre of the Temne is a region of lowland plains, containing forests, bush and farmland, that occupies about 75% of Temne land area. The northern section of this has been categorised by the World as part of Fullon jullon eco region, while the south is rain-forested plains and farmland.


Temne warriors would protect Temne caravans, That traded lumber, salt, technology calcium and gold


Temne would practice Islam wile some was still in a pagan belief worshipping Temne gods while meditateing, Temne people were very advanced thinkers they discovered meditation in West Africa, there languages is Temne art.