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-Registration is open from August 18 to January 20-

-The requirements for the song are as follows:

  • The minimum duration of the songs is 1:30 minutes.
  • The maximum Video clip length is 4:30 minutes.
  • The maximum duration of the songs is 4 minutes.
  • There is no limitation of language, the Agency may choose whoever wants
  • There is also no limitation as to the nationality Representative, the National Agency has the right to choose the one you want.
  • Wholly Songs Instrumentals are entitled to participate.
  • The Covers and Instrumental versions are allowed.
  • The Video Candidacy must have the following requirements : Logo must remain at all times of the station chain. (However if you want to put a song of 1980 you could perfectly. The only limitation is the video)..It must be hosted on the server YouTube.
  • Artists must have a minimum age of 16
  • It is not allowed the presentation of songs that have participated in previous Festivals of the Song of any kind, such as San Remo or Eurovision.
  • The letter should not promote any organization, institution, political cause, company, brand or service(including profanity or ofendentes words to others, religious, sexual etc) ... Political ideologies in the lyrics of the songs it is prohibited