Supreme Court of Ceticilia

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The Supreme Court of Ceticilia is the central court of Ceticilia, its members are called Supreme Judges.

§1 - Structure of the Judiciary

The judiciary consists of the Supreme Court.

§2 - Supreme Court
2.1 - The Supreme Court is made up of the three Supreme Judges who have their seat for life except:

  • They resign.
  • They are removed from office by the executive.
  • They are impeached because of a crime.

2.2 - The task of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law and to pronounce verdicts according to law.
2.3 - All verdicts must be decided by at least a two thirds majority.

§3 - Supreme Judges
3.1 - The Supreme Judges are summoned by the President to the Supreme Court.

3.2 - Any judicial inquiry into the Supreme Court must be supported by a vote of approval on the next weekend without holidays from a majority of more than half of the Ceticilian voting population.

— Constitution of Ceticilia

The current members of the Supreme Court are Álvaro Barredo, Lily Rotfels and Elemer San Miguel.


Number Date Members
01 26 Aug 2019 - incumbent Álvaro Barredo Lily Rotfels Elemer San Miguel


SCC 2020-001

The Supreme Court of Ceticilia

Reviewing the case SCC 2020-001

Issues, per curiam, the following opinion.

Justice Álvaro Barredo writes for the Court.

The question hereby discussed regards an ambiguous application of Ceticilian law, wherein statute could potentially contravene itself by conducting the Executive to enforce contradictory dispositions at once.

Citizen Matthew Comyn gained his citizenship on 2020-02-24, 25 days prior to the presidential election called for 2020-03-20. Under CET 2019-007, one cannot vote in Ceticilian elections until 21 days since the issuing of their citizenship have transpired.

Citizen Matthew Comyn, therefore, may not be deprived from the right to vote under the disposition of CET 2019-007, since he does meet the time criterion.

Nonetheless, this court holds, even if this were not the case, citizenship attains its full effect the moment it becomes effective by act of the Executive. Among the constitutional rights of citizens is the right to vote (3§1). Therefore, there is no instance under which CET 2019-007 may be duly applied without a breach of citizens' rights.

With that, the court finds CET 2019-007 to be contrary to the constitution and, having lacked a procedure of constitutional amendment to qualify the constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, it is null and of no effect.

— Supreme Justice Álvaro Barredo