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Shree Narendra Singh Bahadur Khatri Chhetriji
नरेन्द्र सिंह क्षेत्री (Nepali)
Governor of the Federal Territory of Bhalam
Assumed office
25 January 2024
MonarchVaruna Sriraya
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
Chief MinisterPrakash Pokhrel
Preceded byOffice established
Honorary Ambassador of Vishwamitra in Nepal
In office
29 July 2023 – 27 February 2024
MonarchVaruna Sriraya
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
Preceded byArchit Babu Merciful
Succeeded bySuryadeva Kapei
Personal details
Born7 January 2007 (2007-01-07) (age 17)
EducationShree Mahendra Secondary School, Bhalam
Military service
Allegiance Vishwamitra
Branch/service Royal Vishwamitran Army
Years of service2023-present
Rank Sepoy
Service numberIC-14
Shree Narendra Singh Bahadur Khatri Chhetriji
श्री ५ महाराजाधिराज नरेन्द्र सिंह क्षेत्री
King of Bhalam
Maharaja of Gandaki
His Highness and Royal Majesty
Svasti Sri Madati Prachandra Bhujadandyetyadi
Sri Sri Sri Maharaja
Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of Bhalam
Reign6 December 2023 – 25 January 2024
Coronation6 December 2023
PredecessorMonarchy established
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
Born6 January 2024
Nepali: श्री ५ महाराजाधिराज सुलभ क्षेत्री
DynastyChhetri dynasty
FatherReep Bahadur Chhetri
MotherSeema Chhetri

His Highness The Excellency Datuk Sri Narendra Singh Chhetri, SUNM CSP (born 7 January 2007) is a founder and the former King of Bhalam from 6 December 2023 to 25 January 2024 following the abolition of monarchy. Although from being the reigning supreme monarch of the nation, he was also the Mulkaji of Gandaki having being proclaimed on 6 December 2023 til the abolition of monarchy and he was the Supreme Commander of the Bhalam Armed Forces. He is serving as the Governor of the Federal Territory of Bhalam since 25 January 2024 and Honorary Ambassador of Vishwamitra in Nepal.

Early life and education

Sulav Chhetri was born on 6 January 2007 at Manipal Teaching Hospital in Pokhara to a small family. Born in a Hindu Chhetri family, he grew up into an village environment. He started schooling in 2012 at the age of 4 where from he completed his primary school education and currently completing his high school. He is currently completing his higher secondary school.



He has started his Micronation career on 6 December 2023 by establishing Kingdom of Bhalam he started his Micronation with objective of doing something new and unique that is appreciated by all locals and he in engaged in many more micronations.

Kingdom of Bhalam

Chhetri is a visionary leader and founder of Kingdom of Bhalam which is recognized in micronational community he is a prominent figure in community.

King of Bhalam

As the King of Bhalam he has take oath of working for the people of Bhalam and developing Bhalam as possible by him and he is engaged fully in developing Bhalam in all factors and he focus on sustainability. He announced the abolition of the monarch of the Bhalam and abdicate as King of Bhalam.

Academic Pursuits

Beyond his contributions to micronationalism, he is engaged in acedemic pursuit he is currently studying in 10th grade in Plant Science faculty.

Personal Life

Sulav Chhetri was born on January 6, 2007, in the beautiful city of Pokhara, situated in Bhalam, Nepal. From an early age, Chhetri had a deep passion for various facets of life, showcasing a diverse range of interests that extend beyond his roles in micronationalism and academia.

Early Life

Born in the heart of Bhalam, Chhetri's early years were marked by the rich cultural tapestry of his homeland. Growing up in Pokhara, he developed a strong connection to the local traditions and values that would later influence his approach to micronational leadership.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside his commitments to micronational affairs and academic pursuits, Chhetri is engaged in playing cricket and football. His love for football is so great and football is kind of passion for him.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms

Styles of
Sulav Chhetri of Bhalam
File:Coat of arms of Bhalam.png
Reference styleHis Highness The Excellency Datuk Sri
Spoken styleYour Highness and Excellency
Alternative styleDatuk Sri

Titles, and styles

  • 6 December 2023 – 25 January 2024: His Highness and Royal Majesty The King of Bhalam
    • 6 December 2023 – 25 January 2024: His Royal Highness The Mulkaji of Gandaki (within Gandaki)
    • 25 January 2024 - present: His Highness The Excellency
    • 25 January 2024 - present: Datuk Sri

Full title

His Highness and Royal Majesty, Sulav Chhetri, of the House of Chhetri, the King, Maharaja of Gandaki, Protector of the Constitution and Rights, Defender of All Faiths', Sovereign of the Bhalamian Territory, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Bhalamian Armed Forces, Field Marshal in the Royal Bhalamian Army, Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Bhalamian Navy and Marshal in the Royal Bhalamian Air Force, Sovereign of The Royal Family Order of the Crown of Bhalam, Sovereign of The Most Esteemed Family Order of Gandaki


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