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expended copanic empire

together we are strong
Capital cityinner city
Official language(s)english, modern copanic
Governmentabsolute monarchy
deshaki echinatu, english (rory ford)
Election in 2 weeks!
- Number of seats - 5 of 7
Currencytantaras and (Pounds Sterlin mostly until Cc)
National drinktea
Patron saintsaint tantareshi

Main info

The ECE (expanded copanic empire) is the collaboration between the royal empire of copan and the kingdom of reebus. The two combined states are ruled by 1st lord Útréud but the kingdom of reebus is still in control of it's self it's a confusing situation but basically any judgment made by the HCECE (High court of the expanded copanic empire) has to be approved by the EM from each province or colony if it is a majority vote then it is sent to the first lord to be approved it is then up to the leader of the country to keep the rule or not. Any rules made inside of the country go through the normal procedures.

Provinces & colonies

There are 7 provinces the ECE controls 5 of them funida and new woodland are the uncontrolled one and inner province, the motherlands, the promised lands, the crossing lands and reebus are all controlled by the ECE.


The next election is to take place in two weeks the candidates are bradios gerr of the 8th province and sanguin teishai of the promised lands the ballots have so far been take from the motherlands and the new woodlands

Sub states

The sub states are even more confusing and special condions where they are provinces that have gained independence but still play a role in elections and and decisions made by the ECE but at this moment no seats in any substates are controlled. Any rule or decision made by ECE (if the seat in the substate is controlled) still goes to the substate's leader to be approved. Any rule made inside the substate goes through the normal procedures. Just like any province (which they are still considered) the every 2 months an elections is held for the ECE to control the substate's seat or not.

There are 3 substates: the 8th province, the republic state of donveria and the republic state of ceboria.

Once a substate gains independence it can choose to change it's name but the 8th province kept the name because of the ganos cit kinareth (the gang of the devil).