Streshian National Police

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Streshian National Police
Sтreškę Naтsjonalę Poliтsęja
Snp pač.jpg
Law Enforcement Agency overview
Formed22 April 2018
JurisdictionRepublic of Streshia
Pratka Oblast
Law Enforcement Agency executive
  • N/A
Parent departmentMinistry of Internal Affairs

The Streshian National Police is the primary law enforcement agency in Streshia with jurisdiction across the entire country. It was formed on 22 April 2018.


The Streshian National Police are divided into 3 detachments which are numbered. The SNP has a Chief, detachment commanders, and shift supervisors. Below them are the officers which make up the majority of the SNP.


The Streshian National Police has three detachments. They are 37, 55, 12. 37th Detachment covers the Pratka Oblast and Buck Island Territory. 55th Detachment covers the Hawk's Wing Oblast, the Peskjom Territory, and the Belabinsk Territory, and 12th Detachment covers the Salt Box Oblast.


The ranks of the Streshian National Police are as follows:

  • Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Officer


Streshian police officers use a wide range of equipment in their duties ranging from firearms to batons.

Personal Equipment

Streshian police officers wear black uniforms and boots, and sometimes baseball caps. Streshian police are equipped with handguns, handcuffs,


The Streshian National Police use a combination of smaller 4 door sedans and a truck.