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St Christopher's Drachma (gr.:Δραχμη Αγιου Χριστοφορου),is the official currency of the Republic of Saint Christopher.


Saint Christopher's Drachma,was the first official currency of Saint Christopher.Before that,during the times of the ASR of 7th High School and the Principality of Quintarea,the euro was used in official purposes.When the Kingdom of Saint Christopher was formed,it was agreed by everyone,that an official currency was needed.So,General Triantafyllos,created St Christopher's Drachma,inspired by the former Hellenic currency by the same name.At first,only paper money of the currency was created.During the Golden Age,a subunit of the Drachma,Phoenix(Φοινικας)was maded.


St Christopher's Drachma,is divided in only two divisions:the drachma and the Phoenix.1 Drachma,is equal to 100 Phoenixe's.


The Drachma symbol,is the greek letter "Δ"(δελτα/delta),crossed by two vertical lines.The same symbol is used in the Phoenix.The letters "ΚΤΑΧ"(CBSC,Central Bank of St Christiopher),are typed in the upper place of the paper money.


The Phoenix coins,are made out of smelted tin.The size of the coins,is proportionate to their value

Paper money

The paper-money of the Drachma,is made out of recycling paper.

Excange rates