Sovereign Kingdom of the Kapokian Society

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The Sovereign Kingdom of the Kapokian Society

"We love alternative rock, and sit on the bed on the computer all day."
Tophania enclave
Capital cityZephyria
Largest cityDialira
Official language(s)English, Canadian French, German
Short nameKapokia
DemonymKapokian, Kapok
LegislatureConstitutional monarchy
EstablishedJune 16, 2017
Population8 (as of June 16, 2017)
Time zoneUTC -6 1/2 (Kapokian Standard Time)

Website not longer exist

The Sovereign Kingdom of the Kapokian Society is a micronation founded on June 16, 2017 by PotassiumMCR.


Leader PotassiumMCR was bored one summer day, so he decided to create Kapokia.


The foundation of most of Kapokia was built in late 2016. Before it's official creation, Kapokia made treaties with the micronations of Calebria & Tophania, to be enclaves of Kapokia. Kapokia gained independence from the United States on June 16, 2017, and the United States gladfully accepted. Kapokia remains on good terms with the United States government today.

Foreign relations

Kapokia so far has no official relations with any micronation, but would love to. Please visit the Kapokian website to contact the leader for any foreign relations.

Geography and climate

The climate in Kapokia is the standard temperate climate. The weather is usually sunny, with occasional rainstorms. The terrain is carpeted in Zephyria, Closetra & Tophania, tiled in Dialura & Laundaria, & wood-flooring in Calebria & Little Zephyria.


Our only export is fabulousness.


The Kapokian culture is very diverse with the official languages being English & Canadian French, with German being an additional spoken language. The main arts are organizing discographies & spending time on the computer for an extraordinarily long time. The primary education is only available by the American schools nearby, but secondary education is available at the University of Kapokia is people want to learn extensively about ornitography, geography & kapokography (the study of Kapokia). The customs are the same as normal American customs.


Kapokia has it's own upcoming newsletter, the Kapoko.