Sovereign Kingdom of Austreneland

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Sovereign Kingdom of Austreneland


Latin: God is Just
God Defend our Lord and Sovereign
(Christ is Made the Sure Foundation)
Capital cityAuster
Largest cityAuster
Official language(s)English,
Latin, French
Official religion(s)Episcopal Church of Austreneland, Roman Catholic
GovernmentConstitutional (As of August 27th, 2010) and Parliamentary (as of March 9th 2010) Monarchy (as of March 8th, 2010)
- KingJames
- KingJames
- Type - Unicameral, House of Lords
Population130 (40 Active)
CurrencyAustren (A/); Crown [1/7 A/); Grael (1/7/10 A/); Pecu (1/7/10/4 A/)
National drinkCampari and Chinotto
National animalLion Salient
Patron saintSt. John of God, St. Remi, St. Edward the Confessor, St. George, Sts. James the Greater and Lesser, St. Elizabeth of Portugal, St. Margaret of Scotland, Blessed John Paul II, Pope St. Pius X, Blessed Charles of Austria; Blessed Margaret Pole, Catherine of Aragon

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The Sovereign Kingdom of Austreneland, also known as Austreneland, is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy which was declared independent on March 8, 2010. It has territories on the border of France and Germany, as well as on the North American mainland.



The sovereign of Austreneland, currently King James, is the head of state. The sovereign controls the military and appoints the members of Parliament. The Constitution prevents the monarch from declaring war or annexing land without Parliament's consent.


The members of Parliament, called Ministers, are appointed by the sovereign. The Ministers of Parliament elect a prime minister from amongst themselves to preside over parliamentary proceedings. Parliament may pass any laws within constitutional limits, and may only amend the constitution when the sovereign allows the Ministers to convene in a Great Parliament.


The Pomegranate is a national symbol in Austreneland. It is depicted in many ways on the Royal Coat of arms. The other national fruits are the Lime and the Myrtle Leaved Orange

National anthem

The National Anthem, "God Defend Our Lord And Sovereign" is sung to the tune Westminster Abbey (Christ is made the Sure Foundation) by Henry Purcell. The First Verse is as Follows:

God Defend our Lord and Sovereign,
Ever o'er this land to reign
As in every generation,
bounteous mercies do thou deign.
Grant him victory o'er his rivals,
Ever more his throne maintain.