Sovereign Chiefdom of Lelfunnymaymays

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Chiefdom of Lelfunnymaymays
Clandom of Fleming.pngCrest blue.gif

Official language(s)Lelfunnymaymayish
Established10/31/2012 (Samhain)

The Chiefdom of Lelfunnymaymays is a transcontinental micronation comprised of reconstructed clans.


The Chiefdom of Lelfunnymaymays is named for the current ruling clan, Lelfunnymaymays, meaning "maker of funny memes".


The Government of the Chiefdom is ran by a number of clans, each having equal representation in the national government. Existing clans must be registered through the current ruling clan, but new clans (including ones that are not dependent on genealogy and descent) can be founded. These clans are not restricted to Scottish and Irish clans. Native American tribes are considered clans, also.