Southern Kitche

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The republic of South Kitche

Below The Kitche state.
Capital city新しいアブ
Largest city新しいアブ
Official language(s)Japanese
Official religion(s)Chrisianity
- Emperor Advisorキボラ
- Emperorよし
Area claimed2m2 (miles)
Population31 (as of 2019)
Time zone(UTC)
National sporthunting
National animalhawk

The Republic of South Kitche, more commonly known as R.S.K., is a micronation formed on 21 November 2019 when rebellion struck in the kitche state(United Islands of America) . The country was formed by a small conflict, that cut kitche into two pieces. Once the country split, the southern side formed into The Republic of South kitche, and made its emperor Yoshi Taboto. Currently the country is trying to stop U.T. control in the north.


(or, where appropriate, Name)

The Republic of South Kitche gets its name from the country of Kitche. Before the civil war, kitche was a huge country that spread 4 miles apart. After the war, Kitche was split into two. The southern slice, was then named The Republic of South Kitche.



The country first started in 10/05 2018, and was formerly known as just Kitche. At this time, the country was taken over by a micronation called the United Islands of America. The U.T. took away a lot of the rights that Kitche had so Southern Kitche broke away. Over a period of a year with diplomacy with the micronation keland, southern kitche broke away from the kitche islands and formed its own online territory until it can regain control.