South Hamilton District

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South Hamilton is a district and territory of the Hamilton Federation. It also serves as it's capital.

A map of hamilton, showing North Hamilton and South Hamilton districts in blue.


South Hamilton consists of a single residential property. The west half of the district is the most highly settled, with six residents. The east half has several agricultural gardens, with several structures dedicated to those gardens.

The area surrounding The district was annexed along with the area around it, which has not yet been formally merged into the district as there are no citizens in residence there. This area, officially the South Hamilton Border Territory, it still claimed by the Federation, and stretches from the end of Ravenscliff St. (where the Distric is) to Ryerson School and the HAAA grounds.

Politics and Demographics

South Hamilton is entirely white and of Irish/Scotish descent. (although the South Hamilton Border Territory is mixed, no formal survey has been carried out) The primary religion (again, South Hamilton only) is Roman Catholic, with 33.3% of the population. 50% of the population are nominally religious, and 17% are atheist.

The main political parties in South Hamilton are the Hamilton Federalist Party and the Hamilton Socialist Party. Roughly 33.3% of the population are socialist, 17% are undecided, and the remaining 50% are Federalist.

Being the Capital District, South Hamitlon does not have a seat in parliament.