Soda 2

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Soda 2
Jack and Aidan Kerman Soda 2.png
Aidan Kerman (left) and Jack Kerman (right) standing on the moon shortly after planting a Soda 2 flag.
Soda 2 insignia.png
Mission typeCrewed lunar landing
Duration5 hours, 16 minutes, 24 seconds
MembersAidan Kerman, Jack Kerman, Leon Kerman
LaunchsiteKerbal Space Center Launchpad 1 Alpha

Soda 2 (3 August 2020) was the second digital Moon landing mission of CosmosX's Soda program, and remains the most recent micronationalist space mission. Jack and Aidan Kerman walked on the moon while Leon Kerman stayed behind in the Soda Command Module. They landed on the dark side of the moon.