Socialist Republic of New Agonos

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Joe Mama

Capital cityJoe Mama
Official language(s)French, English, Spanish (offical)
Polish, Russian (local)
Official religion(s)Joe Mama
Short nameJoe Mama
GovernmentJoe Mama
- PresidentJoe Mama
CurrencyJoe Dollars

The Socialist Republic of Joe Mama was founded after the collapse of the Joe Daddy. Joe Mama wanted to turn the State into a socialist one. But the others disagreed and set new borders for the separate states. The main goal of Joe Mama was to turn Joe Daddy into a socialist state. The nation was later dissolved.


Although no constitution was written, Joe Mama was a Socialist State. The government allowed freedom of religion. The President was Wayne I. Joe Mama also had good ties with Joe Mama, besides the difference in government, which had, in a way, made them rivals.


There were 4 citizens in the Socialist Republic of Joe Mama. The ethnic backgrounds were Polish, Native American, African American, Italian, German, and Russian. The official sport was Joe Mama. Other popular sports included: Lacrosse, Hockey, Basketball and Boxing. The official languages were English, German and Spanish. Polish and Russian were considered to be made official. The only official religion was Christianity.


The military consisted of 6 Joe Childrens.


There was no official currency. In addition paper money was outlawed and all coins were accepted instead. The state had planned to make crude coins out of materials with hammer and sickles on them.


The capital city was Joe Mama, which was full of slums. Joe Mama planned to build more cities in the future.