Socialist Republic of Kolkaria

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Socialist Republic of Kolkaria
Socialistos Stataso Kolkarie

2011 — 2012

Flag of Kolkaria.png
Coat of Arms of Kolkaria 2011-2012.png
Coat of Arms

Jepurdos Und Polatartita Lobara
Workers and Proletarians on the world Unite
Kolkaria map.png
Capital cityJesduras
Official language(s)Dutch, English Kolkarian, Spanish
Official religion(s)Atheist
Short nameKolkaria
GovernmentMarxist–Leninist single-party state
- ChairmanMark Dorlas
- Prime-MinisterJohannus Dorn
LegislatureSupreme Councill of Kolkaria
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed7902m²
CurrencyKolkarian Pesque
National animalWolf

The Socialist Republic of Kolkaria (Socialistos Stataso Kolkarie), generally known as Socialist Kolkaria, was the communist government of Kolkaria after the 2011 Revolution.

As an era of Kolkarian history, the socialist republic was preceded by the First Kolkarian Republic.


The First Kolkarian Republic was Kolkaria's first independent government, ruling the country from 2008 to 2011.The First Republic was established on September 12, 2008, with Shady Morsi as the first president. Like subsequent governments, it claimed sovereignty over the entire Yucatan, although it only had power over the east. The investiture of the government followed the general election of 2009. The country's first constitution had been promulgated by the first National Assembly on April 1. It established a system with a strong president, who was elected indirectly by the National Assembly.The events of 2011, known as the 2011 Revolution, were touched off by that Shady have the absolute power on Kolkaria also Kolkaria had a crises and inflation was in Kolkaria the Kolkarian Revoluitionaries took over Kolkaria and re-named the state intro the Socialist Republic of Kolkaria however on 2012 the Socialist government left the country and Shady Morsi founded the Second Kolkarian Republic


Kolkaria was a Socialist Republic, with Chairman serving as the country's head of state, The Chairman resides in Jesduras, The Supreme Councill has three members and is elected through elections in the country, each sphere of influence has one seat in the Supreme Councill. The main states (In All States) and the states they hold influence over elect their representative. When elections are over the Supreme Councill advices the Chairman who should be the next Prime-Minister. the Chairman selects the Prime-Minister who in turn selects the ministers of his cabinet, although this is called 'government' in Kolkaria. The Prime Minister is the head of government and is responsible for everything that happens inK olkaria, including the Chairmans actions.

Defence and Armed Forces

The Kolkarian Socialist had a standing army of 7 people , depending on the time of year and their personal lives. It also has a suspended conscription, meaning that every man has to defend his home if someone attacks it. Compared to recognized nations, it does not spend a lot of money on its armed forces. Relatively, when the total budget is viewed, a large part of the annual budget is spent on the armed forces.

The Kolkarian Proletarian Army, which is the general name for the armed forces, is headed by President Mark Dorlas, However, on a day-to-day basis, the army is divided into three separate entities that are generally controlled by the Senate The Kolkarian navy is the navy


The Kolkarian currently has 5 citizens. Details of citizens are never released to the intermicronational community, all of the five of the Kingdom's citizens are politically active. 4 citizens held Dutch nationality and 1 citizen held Bosnian nationality before they took a double nationality in the Republic. The Republic of Kolkaria. Most citizens of the Republic of Kolkaria are ethnic Dutch, with other European ethnic groups being common in Kolkarian ancestry.


The culture of the Kolkarian Federation is mostly based on West European culture. It values effort, but not to a degree of slaving away for someone else. Kolkarian's government . It also has and a distinct constructed language known as Kolkarian,