Socialist Republic of Dradelia

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Socialist Republic of Dradelia (ENG)
Limokasukufa Teraateliauu(DRA)
Coat of arms
Motto: Kokimifaso hapineuu teraateliakesilefemose

SR Dradelian claims
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish Dutch Dradelian
GovernmentSocialist Democratic Republic
• Chairman
Igor Kutsrutu
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Establishment14 January 2014
• Census
CurrencyDradelian Rutu
Time zoneGMT (UTC0)

SR Dradelia, officially the Socialist Republic of Dradelia (Dradelian: Limokasukufa Teraateliauu) was a state located on the Island of Great Britain.



SR Dradelia was a Socialist Democratic State with three political parties. The Dradelian Socialist Party the Dradelian Front and the New Dradelian Alliance. The Socialist Party adheres to Left-Libertarian Wing politics and state secularity, the views of the party members range from moderate Socialism. The Dradelian Front is A centrist Party and a secular democratic state The New Dradelian Alliance is a Pro-Christian, Moderate Right Wing, Authoritarian Party.


The Dradelian Army (Dradelian:Tetahifaso Teraatelia) is the defence force of Dradelia and is an branch within the Dradelian Military. The most active branch in the Dradelian Military is the Dradelia Patriotic Corps (AKA Military Police), which was founded by Wessel Sahpiro. It serves as both a Police Force and Defence Force, however it is mainly used for ceremonial purposes. Dradelia saw military action in the Ajastat Insurgency of early 2014, the Ajastat Insurgency was a small skirmish with a Pro-Fascist rebellion group.Named the Gigimot Brigade


Due to Dradelian citizens rejecting British culture, Dradelia has slowly developed a unique cultural identity. Dradelian culture is considered as a European Isolate culture. Dradelian culture has developing during the existence of a Dradelian state. It was essentially developed from the cultural traits which where developed unintentionally during the history of the Dradelian state, as well as the cultural traits of citizens. The Dradelian language is a conlang used for cultural purposes in the nation. Kaynian was a former conalng used in Dradelia, it was declared "extinct" on the 22nd April 2013. Dradelian cuisine evolved from the food eaten by some citizens which is not traditional in other cultures, for example meats such as pike and pigeon meat are popular amongst Dradelian citizens.

Pike is one of the national dishes of Dradelia.