Socialist Principality of New Lithuania

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The Socialist Principality of New Lithuania (Lithuanian: Socialistų Kunigaikštystė Naujosios Lietuvojeis) a micronation located in North America. It was founded after the Socialist Lithuanian Revolution in Mynem. After the revolution and a civil war, the Lithuanians renamed their nation New Lithuanian, and allowed the Princess of Mynem, Isabelle I, to maintain her title ceremonially. However, as in a socialist society, she is equal to all of her nations citizens.


Sports are a very large factor in New Lithuanian culture. The national sport kamuoislys, a sport invented by New Lithuanians, while the most followed sports are ice hockey and basketball, however, other sports are also followed, such as American football and soccer (football). The national food, as was Mynem's, is rib eye steak. The national animal and symbol of the nation is the cat. The national anthem is The Internationale politically and Tautiška giesmė, which is known as the song of the people. At sporting events, instrumental versions of both songs are both played. The official languages are English and Lithuanian. New Lithuania is also one of the most accepting countries for LGBT people.


Kamuolys (which translates to "ball" in Lithuanian) is a sport invented by New Lithuanians. The game is played on a small area where a plastic ball is struck back and forth between two people. A goal is scored when the ball touches the ground behind the opposing player, or when a player hits the ball off of the wall in the field of play into their own scoring area. A game is played to 5, must win by 2, and a match is best of 7.


Similar to the anthems, the New Lithuanian flag is considered the political flag while the flag of Lithuania is known as the flag of the people.


All American and Roman Catholic holidays are recognized as well as these New Lithuanian holidays

March 30: Foundation Day or Fondas Dieną. Foundation of the SPNL

April 12: Day of the Princess or Diena Princese in Lithuanian. Princess Isabelle I's birthday.

June 12: Hockey Day or Ritulio diena in Lithuanian. Day to celebrate New Lithuanians' love of hockey.

Cities and Provinces

The capital of New Lithuania is Revoliucija Miestas in the province of of Žemyninis.

Province: Capital

Žemyninis: Raudonos Kalvos

Vakarai: Dianton

Šiaurę: Nauja Oklahomos

Ežeras: Jufola